The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson

The Big Idea

Every person I know who is in leadership, has a specific style that they gravitate towards when it comes to how they work with others to get things done. This is to be expected with multiple different organizations, leaders, and staff/teams. One question that has always fascinated me, was how does one lead when the place they lead is at a church? With so many different thought camps out there on this topic, it is often difficult to weed through this gigantic tool box  of options available, and find the tool or method that will work for you and your church. The Leadership Network is a place that I like to check out. Their resources are great, their staff is knowledgeable, and they focus on church world.

I am a huge fan of the way that Andy Stanley leads. In fact, anytime I can get my hands on one of his books, or have time to listen to him preach, or speak to leaders, I will take the time. WIth that being said, I don’t agree with everything he says or does. Part of this has to do with the context that he is in, and where I find myself. Often times,one of the biggest struggles that we as leaders in the church have, is what/how we communicate with our audience/congregation. In THE BIG IDEA, we are introduced to one theory that seems to be working in some churches (such as Community Christian Church) where the authors of this book are on the pastoral staff at. The ideas in this might not work in full in every context. But would say that some of the concepts in this book can be used in EVERY church.

The book takes time to introduce us to the idea that we (the church) has one BIG IDEA that we want our audience to walk away with (kids, youth, college, adults, seniors, etc). This BIG IDEA is what the sermon is about, the emails, bulletins, announcements, etc are all about. Basically, you intrench your audience with one BIG IDEA to hit the point home. I personally like this idea, as it helps the church ministries to be on the same page, and leading their audiences in the same direction. This book has in-depth “how to’s” for how to become a BID IDEA church.


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